EIU - Engine Information Unit

EIU unit image

The Engine Information Unit (EIU) will read various sensors and switches both in-front-off and behind the firewall, extract the required parameters and package the information for use by EFIS units, VRX displays or both.

The information is dispatched at a sufficient rate to realize highly responsive engine gauges for various turboprop, turbofan and jet engines.

The EIU provides separate and independent power to each sensor requiring external excitation. This prevents any single sensor (or wiring) failure causing the loss of more sensor measurements, which would happen on systems with a common sensor power bus.

The EIU will limit the current to each sensor in order to contain possible faults. Such faults whether caused by a bad sensor or faulty wiring are also reported.

The EIU and TSM or TSLM are able to share the same sensors (or use separate ones) to add any additional redundancy you require for particular measurements.

All electrical connections are made to one 50-pin standard D-Sub connector on the side of the unit. The unit then gets configured, calibrated and verified through a laptop running a Windows based program via a serial port on the top of the unit.

Calibration (or mapping) of each of the four fuel tanks are done in one operation - filling an empty tank in stages at user fuel increments until full. Afterward you can, at any time, make small adjustments to any tank's calibration table should you want to.



VRX E1 screen VRX EIU screen

An EIU unit can be combined with one or more VRX multi-function display and add the following: