FSM - Fuel Supply Manager

FSM unit image

The FSM gives a pilot advanced in-flight oversight and control of an aircraft's fuel supply. It is customized to a particular fuel supply layout, which consist of an arrangement of fuel tanks feeding the engine(s) via any number of fuel lines, valves and pumps.

To provide oversight the FSM reads a system of fuel level, flow rate, pressure and pump sensors. Parameters so obtained are presented to the pilot via connected VRX-MFD multifunction displays. The FSM further subject these parameters to simple logical checks which if not met, alert the pilot about the particular situation. For example, it can sense if a certain pump does not produce the expected flow rate when activated and set off a warning.

The FSM reduces pilot workload by allowing automatic fuel leveling. When engaged the FSM will control pumps to cause fuel levels in both wings to decrease evenly during flight. Each FSM is able to activate up to two fuel pumps but if required more than one unit can be employed in collaboration.

VRX FSM screen