PDC - Propeller De-Ice Controller

PDC unit image

The PDC provides an easy solution for aircraft requiring propeller heating / de-icing. All you need are boots fitted to the propeller, slip-rings, one panel switch, two annunciation lights, the PDC unit and some wiring to connect everything with.

The PDC is versatile enough to work with different aircraft types, different propellers and different boots. Most Epic LT's, many Lancair Evolutions, some Lancair IV's and various others currently employ the PDC.

The unit normally work from low voltage direct current to switch a large continuous current via two outputs to two phase propeller boot circuits. For a single phase boots circuit these two outputs may be tied together and double the current. The PDC handles it all.

Each PDC not only gets configured for specific on-off cycling times but for minimum and maximum allowable currents, which all depend on the aircraft type, propeller and boots in question. The PDC illuminates the HEAT-FAIL light should the actual current fall outside this range during operation.

Activation is done via one panel switch, which may be a two position on-off type or a three position on-off-on type. The former only allows one heat setting and the latter two heat settings (high and low). When activated the HEAT-ON light illuminates.

The Garmin G900 seamlessly accept the HEAT-ON and HEAT-FAIL wires from the PDC unit and provide the proper annunciation without requiring extra configuration. Other EFIS systems require minor configuration. Our VRX multi-function display can also interface with the PDC and present some operational detail.



VRX PDC screen

The PDC integrates with our VRX display(s) to enable detailed prop-heat monitoring which:

See the Specsheet and Manual for more.