Log Sync Interface for VR CAN bus LRUs

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The LSI is a handy accessory that logs, synchronizes, and interfaces with any of following VR LRUs...


It allows you to...

Functionality micro SD CardUSB cable (to PC)
Log operational information X
Synchronize LRU stored logs (history) X
Update firmware X
Adjust configuration X
Perform diagnostic tests X
View LRU dashboards X

Log operational data

By inserting a memory card containing the right LOG folder, the LSI will record operational information of VR Avionics LRUs communicating over the CAN bus. When you want to inspect the information, simply transfer the memory card to a PC. Our SetView software will decode everything onto a time graph at your convenience. This capability is not only useful to document operation, but to understand, verify and troubleshoot the relevant aircraft systems.

Synchronizing remote logs

Some of our LRUs log information to memory within themselves. The LSI can retrieve and clear such remote "history" logs by using a micro SD memory card. With the right folder on the card, the LSI will know to perform a synchronize operation just after the next power-up and before continuing as normal. When the SYNC light goes out, transfer of the history logs to the memory card is complete. History files can be inspected via SetView similar to log files.

Interface to SetView

The LSI can also directly connect a PC running SetView to a live system by using a USB cable. Thereby you can view operational dashboard gauges for any connected LRU you select in real time. You can also do maintenance related tasks (described in LRU manuals) such as performing diagnostic tests, updating firmware, and adjusting configuration settings.