Generator Control Unit with Start Control Options

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Our SGC models are modern generator control units (GCU's). They control 28-volt dc starter-generators both in starting and generation modes, with added functionality for select models. They are versatile to work with different types of starter-generators, batteries, and switching configurations, and are 100% solid-state (no moving parts) - the first GCU of this kind, we believe. Below is a breakdown of the functionality the models provide:

Functionality SGC-1SGC-2SGC-3SGC-4
Generator Control XXXX
Battery Charge Current Control XXXX
Automated Start Control XXX
Parallel-to-Series Start Control X
Start / Motor Ignition Control X
Start Field Weakening / Augmentation Control XXXX
Tachometer Generator Speed Sense XXX

Quality power generation

The SGC not only ensures the fail-safe generation of power but takes better care of batteries while doing so, specifically during the charging phase after a successful start. It implements a battery charging profile that includes bulk, absorption, and float phases, where the bulk phase limits the charging current. This ability not only makes your batteries more dependable and last longer but solves a safety concern for lithium battery deployment, their relatively low maximum charging current specification. With our solution, recharging batteries can also no longer excessively hog generator power but will now be limited to a certain percentage.

Automated engine starts

Automated start control not only reduces the number of manual actions an operator must perform but simplifies the procedures related to starting a turbine. From the proverbial touch of a button, one button to start, and another to do a motor, the relevant sequence will kick to life. Without further action by the operator, engagement of the starter and ignition, a possible parallel-to-series battery switchover, an end of the start starter cut out, and even engagement of the generator follows automatically.

Augmented Engine Starts

SGC's augment electric starter performance:

ECG into electric system

Just like an electrocardiogram (ECG) records the electrical signals in your heart to detect its functioning in many situations, so too can the SGC give you valuable insight into the main source of your electrical system, the generator. In conjunction with our SetView application, you can in real-time view and record parameters such as generator load current to see loads switch in and out.

Compact, lightweight, and durable

The SGC is small enough to fit into an MCU without taking up valuable space. It weighs less than 200 grams (0.4 of a pound) and comes in a rugged aluminum enclosure that will survive you driving your car over.