What is SetView?

SetView is a software tool that enables you to interact with our products. It runs on a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone and connects via serial COM port (or in some cases Bluetooth) to one or more of our products installed on an aircraft.

SetView lets you:

SetView further lets you view recordings, retrieved logs, and settings made in the past. Files can be shared freely.

Insight into a System

One of the main benefits of SetView is the insight you get into the inner workings of a system. Just like an electrocardiogram (or ECG) records the electrical signals in your heart to detect its functioning in many situations, so too can SetView perform a similar function on your aircraft's systems.

You can track how a set of parts perform differently over time, subject to wear and tear and failure. Replace a part and see how performance changes. SetView gives you a tool to test, measure and compare things with.

In Situ Testing

How many times have you suspected something wrong with a given part, removed it from your aircraft, shipped it to the factory to test, only to have it returned without any fault found - but the problem persists on your end. With the SetView tool, you don't have to remove any part. You only plug it in and perform a test right there on the actual installation as you would with an ECG test.