SGC - Starter-Generator Controller

SGC unit image

The SGC is a generator control unit (GCU) and start controller combined into one. This collaboration not only allows more functionality and performance, but enables efficiency in terms of wires, weight, space and the effort to install and maintain.

The SGC is digital which provides it with unique capabilities. This allows it to not only adapt to different aircraft with different starter-generators and different electrical systems, but to provide intelligent control and oversight, etc.

The SGC allows parallel-series start-up capability if desired. This provides for more powerful starts particularly useful on some single shaft turboprops like the TPE-331.

The SGC can also augment the starter's performance by increasing starter generator field excitation as needed to improve acceleration and allow more efficient energy transfer.

The SGC can gauge battery condition as soon as the starting current flows and if determined too weak, discontinue the start.

To generate electrical power and replenish the batteries once an engine is running, the SGC will perform generator control but also provide current limitation. Where a normal GCU will take the generator offline if the immediate battery recharge current is more than what the generator may supply, the SGC will instead allow a desired gradual replenishment of the batteries after each start by employing current limitation.

The SGC is all solid-state which improves reliability since it contains no moving parts.

SGC Spec Sheet