TEX-1 Turbine Exciter

TEX unit image

The TEX-1 turbine exciter is designed to drive the ignition system on the Walter M601 gas-turbine engine. It supports the same connector, ignition leads and spark plugs as the old LUN 2201.03-08 units which most of them originally came out with.

As far as spark generation go, the TEX-1 provides the exact same electrical impulses that these older units supply, but where these older units need regular adjustment of their air-gaps and points to ensure pulses to igniters remain within specification, the TEX-1 does not suffer from this drawback. The TEX-1 does not employ any points or air-gaps, but instead uses new solid-state technology to drive igniters to spec without needing any adjustment whatsoever.

Harnessing technological advances further, we were able to incorporate additional benefits into our ignition exciter. The TEX-1, for example maintains a constant spark rate independent of operating voltage, where the same cannot be said of the LUN 2201.03-08 unit. With the latter the variation from the nominal rate is as much as -42% during start-up and +20% in-flight, which runs counter to what is actually desired both in terms of starting and in-flight continuous operation. We have therefor also made the TEX-1 provide full spark rate (4 sparks per second) for the first 30 seconds of activation where-after the rate is automatically lowered in order to reduce wear on the ignition system overall, but specifically the igniters.

We have also included a simple igniter test feature that executes during the first second after activation. By listening and counting the sparks until a brief pause (one spark is skipped), the user can obtain quickly on a scale of 1 to 3, feedback on the physical condition of the igniter plug - 3 being the best.