VRX - Multi-Function Display


VRX multi-function displays such as the DX1 or older VRD-10 perform as dedicated engine monitors when combined with any of our engine data gathering capable units (EIU, TSLM, TSM).

The VRX MFD can directly read sensors for fuel flow, fuel pressure and more, usually to supplement TSM or TSLM parameters or as a standalone fuel flow indicator and computer.

VRX MFD's provide systems monitoring ability being able to integrate with other VR Avionics units such as our PDC or FSM. It also provides parameters to EFIS screens such as the ones from Advanced Flight Systems.

The VRX MFD is compact yet it presents the four primary engine gauges larger than most similar dedicated engine monitors. It's small size and panel footprint enables it to consume very little space and makes it easy to plan for and fit into almost any instrument panel. VRX MFD's can be stacked together side-by-side or employed apart in tandem-type (front-rear) cockpits.

From the outset our thoughts were to make it easy and inexpensive to obtain redundancy for engine monitoring. Redundancy have become a concern of late as previously separate gauges are being integrated into single monitors - one failure can leave you nothing. Our VRX displays and related (EIU, TSLM, TSM) units allow the user various options to get scalable redundancy for peace of mind.

VRX E1 screen VRX FUEL screen

The DX1 has a high-bright 3.5" color LCD for the presentation of instrumentation and also two toggle switches realizing four soft-key selections for quick navigation through pages and menus. It is further equipped with a USB slot that allows a removable USB disk to be inserted for easy firmware updates, data logging and retrieval.